Our services usually begin with a welcome, announcements,  a  Call to Worship and share the peace of Christ.  As a group, we confess our sins, hear an assurance of pardon, have scripture readings, a children’s service and the weekly sermon.  An offering is taken and we go out with a charge and benediction.   Services include blended types of music:  hymns, praise songs, choir anthems and periodic guest musicians.

An offering is taken each Sunday with special offerings for the Deacons, One Great Hour of Sharing and other missions of the church.  This is our way of giving back for the many blessings we have received from God.  We do not expect any of our visitors to make an offering unless you feel led to.

As you enter, you will be greeted and given a bulletin that lists our order of worship, announcements and prayer requests.

Besides Sunday services, we also have special services on Ash Wednesday and each Wednesday during Lent, Maundy Thursday, a Blue Christmas service and Christmas Eve.

We observe the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper which is open to members and guests.  Communion is ordinarily served the first Sunday of each month by either the passing of the trays or by intinction which means as we proceed to the front of the sanctuary, each person receives a small piece of bread to dip in grape juice and eat.

We welcome you to join us any time!